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Responsible Energy Inc (REInc) has invented a superior Cleantech energy conversion system that creates a world leading, high energy content synthesis gas (syngas) using any non-hazardous carbon-based material as feedstock. Prime sources of carbonaceous streams can be found in biomass, MSW (municipal solid waste), petroleum coke, biosolids, and hydrocarbons. REInc’s Free Radical Gasification (FRG™) employs a multi-patented energy conversion process that creates a high-BTU syngas. The heart of the FRG™ process is the generation of a high temperature electric arc, which converts carbon-based feedstock into simpler molecules. In addition to its release of thermal energy, the internal arc emits ultra-violet light which acts to enhance the formation of syngas by harnessing the resulting free radical reactions. Most importantly, the innovative FRG™ technology increases the breakdown of molecular bonds per unit of energy input, improving efficiency and resulting in superior financial returns.