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For 28+ years, GestureTek, a Virtual Reality Pioneer, has led the world, as the multi-inventor of video gesture control & 3D recognition technology in its myriad of forms (Kinect is based on this); Their systems (covered by 45+ patents) enable people to use hand & body gestures to control VR & dynamic computer content on any screen/digital signage/surface. GestureTek's average growth over 8 years was 30% per year. CEO/Co-Founder, V J Vincent, has purchased GestureTek back to have the company further grow & profit, from the gesture revolution it started, by focusing on transforming its robust, award winning products into turnkey, plug & play offering, to be sold through channels in the commercial markets in the 10's of thousands of units, & as software apps into the emerging gesture control consumer markets. After 7,000 system installs, & 100's of millions of licenses into consumer markets, GestureTek has enormous experience & success productizing & delivering state of the art products.