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Property management firm focused on bringing together corporate housing HR departments and individual and institutional investors of condo units in Toronto, Canada. Development of online, Saas/Mobile platform for reservations, property management, reservations planning, check-in, check-out, billing, video walkthrough and streaming to enable corporate HR, recruiters and relocation counsellors manage inventory and their staff. Read More
500px is a premium photo sharing platform for aspiring and professional photographers. It is powered by creative people worldwide and lets you discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photos. 500px was founded in late 2009 by two acclaimed photographers and entrepreneurs, Oleg Gutsol and Evgeny Tchebotarev and has grown to become the premier platform with the highest quality photography worldwide. Read More
Prodigy Education connects students, parents, teachers and school districts with resources that promote a lifelong love of learning. Read More
Only Kik lets you connect with friends, groups, and the world around you through chat. Just ask, “What’s your Kik?” JOIN THE CONVERSATION Looking for a new and engaging way to interact with your audience? Have amazing content or a cool experience you'd love to get discovered? Kik offers brands and content providers unique ways to talk with their fans, and find new followers too! Read More
Makeship can help you design cool custom merchandise and get them straight to your fans through kick-starter style campaigns. Read More
Our mission is to help people: Find Better Ideas, Faster! Trend Hunter is the world's largest trend spotting community with 3,000,000 fans, 120,000 contributors and 45 million pageviews / month. Every day, leading brands like Nestle, Intel, and Kellogg's rely on our "unrivaled trend platform" to filter opportunity. Instead of relying on gut instinct, they leverage the collective insight of our 123,000 Trend Hunters and over ONE BILLION views of market testing. Imagine having 6 stadiums of people finding your ideas, and a monthly focus group with 100 stadiums of people rating those ideas. That's Trend Hunter! Read More
Another special celebration is coming up on the calendar, and the same question arises: What gift should I give? The Giftee would love to receive a gift that is fully personalized from close friends and family. Gifters, meanwhile, always have the best intentions, but typically have no idea where to start. More and more often, the practical but impersonal gift card has become the go-to solution, with some flowery words in a Hallmark card to give it some warmth. Vello allows Gifters to send a personalized present in seconds by recording a short video greeting to go along with the purchase of an e-gift card. The Gifter can then invite others to join in, no matter where they are, to add their personal contribution to the viral video greeting (as well as the monetary gift). Vello seamlessly stitches all the videos together and delivers a beautiful, personal, and unique gift. Gifting becomes a community event, while remaining easy and personal.  Read More
Porter Airlines is a regional passenger carrier in Toronto. Read More
Bitstrips makes interacting online more visual and fun by letting you and your friends interact as expressive cartoon characters. You start by designing digital versions of yourself and your friends, which can then be put into all kinds of entertaining comic situations – an inside joke, birthday wishes, or hilarious visual status updates. Your comics can be shared anywhere for friends to Like, comment or retweet. It's a totally new way to communicate! In less than 6 months, nearly 9 million people around the globe have designed their own unique Bitstrips characters and shared 35 million comics. But this is just the beginning. We're on a mission to make digital life more personal, visual and fun by giving everyone their own expressive Bitstrips identity that they can use to interact anywhere. Read More
We run a portfolio of job marketplaces for underserved niches. Users buy subscriptions to have Featured Listings which increase the visibility of their listings and add capabilities to their accounts. We have thousands of paying customers. Part of our approach to being the leader in each niche is building a strong brand from the best domain name in each category. - - - - - The user experience of our sites is a collation of the best matchmaking mechanisms from online dating sites, classified ads sites, and traditional job boards. Voice, email, and SMS messaging is deeply integrated. The front end of our platform is up to date with all the latest good stuff--responsive design, live maps, parallax scrolling, faceted geo-spatial search--and is delivered quickly over a CDN. Read More
Parkbench is an all-in-one sales & marketing platform for realtors who want to build their brand & get more clients in a neighborhood Read More
Crowd Riff creates web & mobile destinations for brands using a custom "Klout-like" scoring system to leverage topic-relevant content from the social audience. Our unique scoring approach ranks every social & CRM activity based on client-specified values allowing them to 1) surface highly relevant and engaging content in real-time 2) discover actionable insights about key influencers and 3) encourage activities valued by the brand. It's being used by FOX, SAP, Sony and several others. Read More
Magmic is a leading developer and publisher of mobile social games and entertainment. We publish a full range of content, from original titles including Ka-Glom, and Texas Hold’em King to top licensed content from brand name entertainment publishers like The New York Times, Mattel, Disney, and Rubik’s Cube. We have led the mobile entertainment revolution since 2002, and currently ship products to all major app stores including; iTunes App Store, BlackBerry World, Google Play, Amazon App Store and various carrier decks. Privately owned, Magmic is located in Ottawa, Canada in the heart of the Byward Market. Learn more at Read More
PostBeyond is a cutting-edge software technology solution, that manages and empowers employees to share corporate content through their social media accounts in a controlled way. The result? Organizations reach exponentially larger audiences, discover what content strategy works and can focus their message where it matters most. With PostBeyond, marketing moves from being an exclusive role - carried out only by a few employees - to an inclusive activity of all members of a team or company. With PostBeyond a company’s social market moves beyond it's limited contact base to the global world of social media better than any other solution-- a market space that is estimated to grow from $25 billion in 2012 to $35 billion in 2013. The data PostBeyond gathers and provides to clients is truly remarkable. For the first time ever, you can understand your reach, influencers, social interactions, effectiveness of content and amplify your content to 900% more people. Read More
Spinzo is a demand-based pricing platform that allows businesses to sell products, services, or tickets, where the final price depends on the number of committed buyers. The platform is hosted by Spinzo but white labeled to any branding. Retailers and E-Commerce companies use Spinzo for clearance sales and new product promotions. Sports Teams and Venues use Spinzo for early-bird and last-minute-rush promotions with flexible pricing. Spinzo creates a multiplier effect on media spend since buyers actively share with friends to get more savings. Buyers can join at the current price (and ride the price down) or bid the most that they are willing to pay. When a promotion ends, all participants pay the final low price. The company was established in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in 2011 and is funded by GrowthWorks Atlantic, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, East Valley Ventures, and private investors. To learn more, call us at 1-800-798-2595 or Email us at Read More
Screenlight lets you easily capture the clear-cut feedback you need to swiftly drive video projects forward. Read More
OverStats aggregates and visualizes gamer data to provide data driven feedback and suggestions to improve gamer skill. Read More
The world’s original and largest urban axe throwing organization with with over 200,000 annual visitors and 325 employees. Read More
Underknown is a social video company based in Toronto, Ontario. Read More
Stage TEN (The Telepresence Entertainment Network) is enabling the next generation of online broadcasting. Stage TEN is creating a full suite of tools for producing and participating in dynamic, professional live content shows on Smart TVs, PCs, and mobile devices. Stage TEN offers a one-stop solution for content creators to build and distribute live interactive shows. To content producers and brands, Stage TEN is a platform as a service that provides a turnkey virtual TV studio complete with interactive, game and social tools that can be customized for different interactive campaigns or web series. Stage TEN also pairs the technology with an operator or “Telepresence Jockey” who works with a production team to produce live shows from multiple webcam, mobile or studio feeds. Imagine talent shows in which viewers can vote alongside Simon Cowell or live music events broadcast as virtual clubs allowing people to dance together live. Read More
Realvision is an immersive media technology company that builds 3D media solutions for the real estate industry. Read More
Omi Woods is a lifestyle brand. Read More
Open Screenplay is an online platform that provide entrepreneurs with a place where they can create and produce new screenplays. Read More
WhoPlusYou is a social media platform providing employment and professional networking opportunities. Read More
Nearly 6 Million students graduate every year in north america. It is always a big challenges for employers to find the best entry level talent. At Recroup, we have created a database of over 2 Million college students and recent graduates in US and Canada. We allow companies to reach directly in their inbox with their job opportunities without looking anywhere where else. Employers can find candidates based on University, Major, Location and Skills. But this is not all, we allow employers to find the best entry level talent by with some of our awesome tools: Challenges: At Recroup companies can post challenges. Those challenges can be anything from writing a sales pitch to creating a micro blogging site. This helps recruiters to validates skills even before the interview. Talent Profile: Applicants can add their social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and their technical profiles like Github and Stackoverflow to receive badges on their online activities.  Read More
MadLipz lets users make instant voiceover and subtitle parodies to share with other people. Read More
OwnersBox is an innovative sports-tech company disrupting the way consumers play Fantasy Sports. ‍ Read More
STUDEO is an online platform that lets realtors create revolutionary digital and print marketing collateral conveniently and affordably. Cutting-edge technology and stunning design takes looking good and standing out to a whole new level of easy.  Read More
OverActive Media Group is an integrated global esports and entertainment organization focused on multiple esports titles. Read More
So you've booked your trip to China through Expedia, but now what? How do you stay safe in that foreign environment? Travel clinics only provide pre-trip advice and then, you're on your own. Sitata helps both personal & business travellers stay safe when abroad by providing all of the pre-trip information that a person would receive from a travel clinic. In addition, Sitata's travel advisors monitor the world 24/7 to publish real-time travel alerts to keep people safe when away from home. Read More
Piccsy helps you discover the images you love. Image discovery is fragmented and distributed across a web of sources that has become impossible to navigate. Piccsy solves the discovery/fragmentation problem by identifying streams of interest that are important to users, and customizing an image feed specifically catered to their preferences. Piccsy currently attracts over 3.5 million visitors and 30 million pageviews per month. Read More
BagsAway connects you to reliable luggage storage locations (local shops, cafes, hotels, to name a few!) who will safely store your luggage in Toronto and other cities for a few hours or days. Read More
The World's First Attachable Guitar Amp. Read More
Tutturu is helping people to have meaningful social experiences in a remote world with virtual browsing. Read More
Readocracy is a verification technology that identifies attention to the content online. Read More
Pillar Nonprofit Network supports individuals, organizations & enterprises invested in positive community impact. Read More
Waterloo EDC is the one-stop concierge service for those looking to locate, relocate or expand to Waterloo Read More
The only dating app that plans a first date for every match. For exhausted swipers. Now in Montreal and Ottawa, Canada Read More
Staffy is an on-demand market place for the hospitality industry, delivery staff in as little as 90 minutes. Read More
We are making a platform that enables applications to work across multiple devices while giving a single unified experience. Using an app on a single device in silo limits what the user can do with the app. Using our platform, an application can be used across all the devices for the user, giving the experience of one single app on multiple devices. Read More
ProVideoFactory is a stock footage platform where you can buy premium quality clips in HD, 4K, 6K and UP. The video library is highly curated and each file is indexed using specific tags. Using the latest cameras and respecting rigorous requirements helps us showcase the beauty behind places, people and moments in a cinematic approach. Fresh content from all over the world is added daily for an ever-growing library. Read More
FunnelCake helps accelerate revenue at scale by improving performance for lead and pipeline management. Read More
Bringing imagination into reality with a full-body tracking virtual reality experience. Read More
Have you ever had problems finding the right course for your next semester? Our product helps all students discover which course is suited to their needs. Students can find their courses and read what other students have experienced in the course. Students can also write their own reviews based on their experience with that course. We currently have over 10 universities across Ontario to rate and review on. If you don't find your university, our team is working hard to compose other university courses to review. Read More
Medly takes a new approach to the way music is made, letting both seasoned and new musicians make epic music. Read More
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